Monday, May 29, 2023

US Puts Sanctions on Chinese-drone Maker Firm DJI

According to the Report US puts the sanctions on Chinese drone-maker company DJI and seven others companies with investment. According to the Financial Times, the United States government would place eight Chinese businesses, including drone maker DJI, on an investment blacklist because of their suspected involvement in the monitoring of Uyghur Muslim communities.

According to reports, the corporations will be added to the Treasury Department’s “Chinese military-industrial complex companies” list on Tuesday, thereby barring US citizens from making any investments in the companies included.

DJI is already on the Department of Commerce’s Entity List, which means that American companies will be unable to sell DJI components unless they obtain a license from the government. When it was first announced, the Chinese authorities claimed that it was one of the firms that “aided widespread human rights abuses in China through abusive DNA collecting and analysis or high-technology monitoring.” DJI drones, on the other hand, are not prohibited from being sold in the United States, unlike goods from Huawei and other manufacturers.

Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang area have been subjected to repression for decades, and the current actions are part of a push by US Vice President Joe Biden to censure China for its treatment of them. Cloud computing businesses and face recognition companies that operate in Xinjiang will also be included in the list of companies that will be included.

Yesterday, the United States House of Representatives and Senate enacted a measure that would prohibit imports from Xinjiang unless firms could demonstrate that the products were not produced using forced labour. It is expected to be put to a vote in the House of Representatives’ upper chamber before the Christmas hiatus.

Early in 2021, Xiaomi was placed on the same investment blacklist as Facebook. According to the company, none of its principals had any connection to the Chinese military and that a lack of US investment would result in “instant and irreparable harm.” The company was unsuccessful in its appeal. The administration agreed to relax the embargo in May of this year.

According to DJI, the consumer drone industry will account for 77 percent of total sales in 2020. In the last two months, it has introduced a pair of major products: the Mavic 3 drone with a big sensor and the full-frame Ronin 4D movie camera with a built-in gimbal and LiDAR focus system, both of which are available now. DJI stated a year ago that company had “done nothing to merit being placed on the Entity list” and that “customers in America can continue to acquire and utilize DJI goods in the usual course of their business.”

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