Monday, December 4, 2023

US evacuates vulnerable Afghan translators before troops withdrawal

United States want to evacuates them because they are concerning that the Taliban will target them and their families in retaliation for supporting foreign troops.

The United States plans to evacuate a group of vulnerable Afghan translators before finalizing their withdrawal. They can complete their security visa applications accordingly. Officials did not say where the Afghans will transport or how many. They said the group consisted entirely of Afghans who had started the visa process. Moreover, if necessary, they will examine additional options for relocation or evacuation.

Fighting between US-backed Afghan forces and the Taliban has escalated in recent weeks and the fighters taking control of the region. The Pentagon now estimates that the Taliban control 81 of the country’s 419 regional centers.

The Taliban have promised their security to Afghans who have worked with foreign forces. But as time went on, Afghans had applied for visas grew increasingly. They are concerning that the Taliban will target them and their families in retaliation for supporting foreign troops.

The White House meeting called as the Taliban launched a major offensive in Afghanistan and raised concerns in the US Congress.

A former Afghan translator who has granted asylum in the US after his life had in danger told that his colleagues were running out of time. Please evacuate them, they are good people.

How US evacuates Afghan translators in short time left?

The US military has completed more than half of its withdrawal from Afghanistan and is expected to complete it in the coming weeks. This leaves little time for processing the special immigrant visa applications that have been submitted by some 9,000 Afghans or thousands. They can’t leave them because all Afghans have officially expressed interest.

US Democrat and former a Marine passed legislation to help Afghans working for the United States. He said that it’s a good day in this story, but it’s a long way from the final chapter.

Government officials said legislative changes could speed up the process but the plans had changed by the pandemic. It has repeatedly forced the US embassy in Kabul to postpone visa interviews.

Although the US State Department has increased staffing levels. There is a speed limit for the 14-step multi-agency process that includes security clearance without legislative changes.

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