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US concerned over SC order to move Omar Shiekh

US concerned over SC: The United States said Wednesday. It was “concerned” by the order of the Supreme Court, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, the supreme court accused of murdering American journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002, from being sentenced to death in a state rest house to be repealed.

On Tuesday, the apex Court ordered the authorities to transfer the sheikh from the death sentence at the Karachi Central Prison to a state rest house.

The verbal order also required the state to move his family to a rest home by transportation. While the government ordered him to release from prison within a few days.

It also said that the sheikh must must held in prison in Karachi. He would not allowed to communicate with the outside world.

Speaking to reporters in Washington today, a State Department spokesman said: “The United States remains deeply concerned about the development of the case of those involved in Pearl’s kidnapping and murder.

US officials said in response

“We have concerns about the recent orders to get the omar sheikh and his accomplices out of prison.”

US officials recalled that Anthony Blinken and Secretary of State Shah Mahmoud Qureshi discussed on January 29. “How to be responsible for convicted terrorist Omar Sheikh and others for the kidnapping and murder of US journalist.”

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said the court’s ruling “insults victims of terrorism everywhere, including Pakistan”. But also praised Islamabad’s efforts to ensure that those involved in the killings held accountable for their actions.

“The US authorities recognizes Pakistan’s actions to hold the sheikh accountable for his action. Also to ensure that he and his companions remain detained,” the official said. “We also acknowledge the administration’s demands to review the January 28 split decision.”

On January 28, the High Court upheld – by majority – the Sheikh’s release at the Sindh High Court (SHC). Also ordered his release unless desired in other cases.

The court also ordered that all defendants also release immediately, unless desired in other cases.

US offered to prosecute Sheikh

The Sindh provincial government and the parents of journalist appealed the Supreme Court’s decision. But the Supreme Court supported the acquittal.

A State Department spokesman saw the latest developments in the case. He asked the Pakistani government to continue its efforts to arrest the sheikh and other suspects.

“We hope the Pakistan will quickly review its legal capacity to ensure justice guaranteed. Also that the sheikh and his accomplices will not be released,” he said.

As US concerned over SC, the official also repeated previous offers from Secretary Blinken and the US Department of Justice to sue a sheikh in the United States. “We are also ready to prosecute a sheikh in the US for his horrific crimes against citizens,” the official said.

Last week Blinken repeated his suggestion that the Sheikh should prosecuted after he may released by the Supreme Court.

In his first statement about Pakistan as Foreign Minister, he said he was “deeply concerned about the Supreme Court’s decision to release those involved in Pearl’s kidnapping and murder and about any proposed measures to release them.”

“We are also ready to prosecute a sheikh in the US for his horrific crime against an American citizen”. Also have commitment to ensuring justice for the Pearl family and holding terrorists accountable. We already concerned over SC decision”

Describing the Supreme Court ruling as “an affront to victims of terrorism everywhere,” Blinken said the United States expects the Pakistani government to “immediately review their legal capacity to ensure justice maintained”.

“The court’s decision is an insult to victims of terrorism everywhere, including Pakistan”. The United States acknowledges Pakistan’s previous actions which forced Omar Sheikh to report and notes that Sheikh in hold under Pakistani law, “he said.

Daniel Pearl’s murder and legal action

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Pearl, 38, was investigating religious extremism in Karachi when he was kidnapped in January 2002. A month later, the US consulate given a graphic video of her beheading. Sheikh was then arrested in 2002 and sentenced to death by a military court.

In an April 2, 2020 order, the SHC overturned the Sheikh’s verdict on Pearl’s murder. But retained his sentence on the lesser charge of incitement to kidnapping, for which he sentenced to seven years in prison.

Since sheikh was detained in 2002, this sentence is considered to be due to be handed down by the SHC. SHC also released three other men who had previously sentenced to life in prison by an ATC in Karachi.

After their release, the provincial government sentenced them to 90 days in prison under the Public Order Act (MPO). Their release is a security threat and US concerned over SC decision.

On July 1, a new notification under the 1997 Anti-Terrorism Act extended his detention for three months, then extended for another 90 days.

However, in December the Supreme Court accepted a petition from the men opposing their continued detention and ordered their immediate release. All reports to the Sindh government regarding his detention have declared null and void.

On orders from the SHC to release the four men, the Sindh government appealed to the Supreme Court to keep them in prison, citing threats to national security if they were release.

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