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US-Canada relations: Biden and Trudeau look to re-build bond

US President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided to re-build US-Canada relations.

They appear eager to resolve fighting-fueled tensions during their first official bilateral meeting. They pledge to work together on a variety of safety, health and climate issues. Ottawa had left with previous problematic administration in Washington.

Prior to Biden, the governments of the United States and Canada divided on content and style – particularly on trade issues – with Trudeau frequently targeted by President Donald Trump. Whereas in 2019, the New York billionaire called Trudeau a “hypocrite” after a video of the Prime Minister mocking Trump appeared on the sidelines of a NATO summit. During the height of the customs war in 2018, Trump called Trudeau “dishonest and weak” on Twitter.

Ottawa Welcomes Thaw

The question that remains is whether the relation intended for significant improvement or cosmetic overhaul alone. As Biden’s rhetoric may not be as harsh as his predecessors. But many of the White House policies are no less problematic for the Canadian economy.
For example, the Biden government has withdrawn from building the Keystone XL pipeline. Also a new executive order from Buy America is likely to affect Ottawa. Specially given that the US market accounts for about 75% of Canadian exports.

Additionally, these topics are clearly lost in the daily routine. In the 2,500-word joint statement issued after negotiations, “trade” was mentioned in connection with China’s alleged unfair practices.

Despite the true political differences between both, Trudeau can hardly contain his relief from the recent changes in Washington.

“US leadership has been sorely missed in recent years,” Trudeau told reporters ahead of a virtual meeting on Tuesday.

In a joint statement at the end of the day titled “Updated US-Canada relations Roadmap,”. Trudeau certainly supported the US President’s slogan, “Build Better,”. Which always hinted that Biden was the one to get this job done. Trump’s MAGA approach.
Further, the roadmap says Washington and Ottawa have an interest in “reviving” the alliance. As well as $ 2 billion worth of bilateral trade, the roadmap welcomes “unique ties” and assesses the sentiments of the two sides, Biden talked in the press after the meeting.

“The United States has no closer and more important friend than Canada. As well as our countries share a close geography and history that will bind us forever. But our values ​​are even more important,” Biden said Tuesday.

Global Health and Environmental Issues

Whereas another issue raised by the two heads of states was that the United States and Canada would enhance cooperation to tackle global issues. Such as climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic at the White House.

In addition, both heads of state stress the importance of multilateral institutions such as the United Nations and its organizations during the day.
“Indeed for our two countries, controlling COVID-19 at home and around the world is an immediate priority. We are determined to work together to prevent future biological threats by empowering the WHO,” said in conference on Tuesday.

Based on a joint statement after the meeting, the two leaders agreed to support global access. Also about delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine, including through the COVAX mechanism.

Biden told the co-chair that US-Canada relations “redoubled” their efforts to combat climate change.

“Now that the United States has returned to the Paris Agreement. We want to demonstrate our leadership role to encourage other countries to raise their own ambitions,” said Biden. “To this end, we launched a high-level climate minister’s goal to coordinate our policies and goals and not achieve any net emissions by 2050.”


Biden and Trudeau are committed to addressing the wide range of regional and global security challenges facing their countries. Challenges from military upgrades to transnational crime.
The leaders agreed that the United States and Canada would work to modernize the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and develop dialogue on continental security and Arctic governance. In addition, the two countries will unite against the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and strengthen cooperation to counter Chinese influence.

“Following last Friday’s G7 meeting, it is an opportunity for Prime Minister Trudeau and I to explore our bilateral partnership to empower and raise issues in our hemisphere and around the world, including coordinating our approach to better competition with China and countering threats to our interests and values, “said Biden.

Both states would cooperate until jailed Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Koving will release from China.

With regard to other shared priorities, both Heads of State have committed to put in place mechanisms to combat transnational crime and racism. Other common challenges according to the US-Canada relations road-map are the stop of illegal cross-border firearms, drugs, organized crime and human trafficking.

The two leaders discussed their shared concerns about the alleged persecution of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, which Moscow has repeatedly denied. They also discussed Ukraine and reviewed the situation in Venezuela, Myanmar. Also about Iran, Yemen and the Middle East, the joint statement said.

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