Tuesday, November 28, 2023

US and Afghan Presidents will meet in White House

US President Joe Biden will meet Afghan counterpart Ashraf Ghani and the chairman of the Afghan National Reconciliation Council, Abdullah Abdullah, at the White House. Troops withdrawal come amid escalating fighting between Afghan forces and the Taliban across the country.

Biden will reassure Afghan leaders of continuous US support for the Afghani people, including diplomatic, economic and humanitarian assistance. Biden will also reiterate his promise to ensure the country is never a safe heaven for terrorist groups. Further, President Ghani and Dr. Abdullah’s visit will underscore the lasting partnership between the US and Afghanistan as military operations continue.

The visit will also come as part of the slow progress in talks between the Taliban and representatives of the government in Qatar. Officials expressed concern about the delay in negotiations and they said that Talibans had not submitted a written peace proposal. US intelligence analysts predicted that the Taliban will undo a lot of progress to regain national power.

Biden decided in April to withdraw all US troops before September 11 after nearly 20 years of conflict ended. Taliban occupied at least 30 territories. They worked to expand their influence across the country. The Talibans were not immediately available for comment as well as there was no immediate response from Ghani’s office.

However, an Afghan official said the president will seek assurances from the US. He need that US continues to assist Afghan security forces after the withdrawal.

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