Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Unemployed dentists in Ambphalla continue to protest

In India’s illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the dentists’ association for the unemployed strongly protested their demands on the 6th day of their agitation in Amfala, Jammu.

With banners and placards in hand, protesters chanted slogans in support of their demands, saying hundreds of unemployed dentists had been craving jobs since 2008 and the government was asleep on the subject.

Protesters say the authorities’ insensitivity leaves their futures really uncertain and they are a burden to their grandparents. The authorities should establish specific policies for the provision of their services.

Protesters say that if hundreds of jobs at J&K hospitals are vacant, then the government will not accept unemployed dentists against them.

They say that according to the WHO ratio, there should be one dentist for 7,500 people in urban areas, while there should be one dentist for 10,000 people in rural areas. At J&K, the situation is quite the opposite: there is one dentist for every 30,000 people.

The chairman of the association, dr Rahul said they protested for two months in 2014 and all parties believed they would force the government to adopt a recruitment policy, but to no avail.

He said the dental surgeon recruitment file was then created by the Jammu and Kashmir Community Services Commission (JKPSC) but was moved from table to desk in the health and finance department.

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