Monday, April 15, 2024

Ulrika Jonsson becomes self-conscious as she ages

Ulrika Jonsson is increasingly self-conscious about her appearance. Jonsson avoids looking in the mirror because he is concerned about his age.
A former model and TV presenter, 55, says she can’t look at her reflection because her “face is falling.”
The beautiful diva feels that growing older isn’t as joyful as she imagined, and that her doubts are too.
Ulrika said, “I do it regularly and try to avoid mirrors because I pick myself apart when I do.”
“In my childhood, I was unhappy with the size of my snout, but I understood blusher made the world better.” In my 50s, doing makeup takes an hour.
“All I see is my face collapsing and shrinking, save for my chin hairs.” She said so in her latest Sun column.
Ulrika Jonsson helped Ferne McCann when she was in trouble over her voice mails. She said, “We all say things we regret,” and she asked that “First Time Mom” not be canceled.

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