Saturday, December 9, 2023

UET Peshawar is developing cheap solar panels

One of the most efficient ways to generate electricity is to use solar panels with sunlight, which is abundant in Pakistan because the weather stays warm most of the year. However, the cost of solar panels is too high for an ordinary household to bear.

To solve this problem, the Peshawar University of Engineering and Technology (UET) campus has developed cutting-edge solutions that can reduce the cost of solar panels and improve accessibility.

Following the latest developments, UET’s Center for Advanced Energy and Research, Peshawar, has developed solar modules at half the price of existing silicon using third-generation solar photovoltaic technology.

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The university also benefits from its international partners. The university will officially unveil a lightweight and flexible panel this week, said Dawn Najibullah, principal investigator for the project at UET.

Dr. Najeebullah told Dawn that the research phase of the project began in 2014. Then in 2019, with financial support from the provincial government, the university began developing a prototype third-generation solar panel.

The lead researcher said, “Solar panels on the market require very fine cast silicon with a purity of 99.99999% and a processing temperature of 1100 degrees Celsius or more.” “We have replaced the silicon in our products with natural metal halide perovskite in, which is made at a temperature of 450 degrees Celsius,” he added.

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