Saturday, December 2, 2023

UAE responds to mysterious viral ‘Two Moons’

UAE responds to mysterious ‘Two Moons’ went viral on social media

UAE residents have calmed down after the “two moons” case resolved on Tuesday.

“The social media are on the rise after two months of photos and videos on their timelines,” UAE media.

The publication reports that the objects are copies of two Martian moons. And created by the UAE state media bureau to celebrate the country’s Hope spacecraft.

The media reports that Phobos and Deimos, two moons orbiting Mars, projected into the sky using new technology.

The government has used two giant 100m cranes and a advanced 40m screen to make the moon look realistic.

As UAE responds to mysterious happening, the government wants to show people in the UAE what the Hope spacecraft covers 500 million miles in the galaxy.

The moons are an upgrade from the planned Hope Probe launch into orbit today.

“The Mars mission is one of the greatest challenges in the history and the most daring initiatives of the UAE. To make this important fact come true, there is nothing better than two moons on Mars for Earth Khaled Al-Shehi. He is executive director of manufacturing. and digital communications for the United Arab Emirates government media service, told media.

The moons Deimos and Phobos discovered by American astronomer Asaph Hall in 1877.

UAE launched mission ‘Hope’ to Mars

Last July, the UAE launched its first mission to Mars – the first Arab country.

Real-time emissions from the launch show that the rocket with the unmanned probe, known in Arabic as “Al-Amal”, took off at 6:58 local time (2158 GMT) from the Tanegashima Space Center in southern Japan.

Almost exactly an hour later, the event saw clapping people in the Japanese control room as the probe successfully disconnected.

The launch in Dubai greeted with great enthusiasm. The UAE Mars Mission Project Deputy Director Sarah Al-Amiri described it as “an indescribable feeling” to watch the spacecraft explode.

“This is the future of the UAE,” Amiri, who is also Minister of State for Advanced Sciences, told media.

The Emirates project is one of three races to Mars including Tianwen-1 from China and Mars 2020 from the US, using the time when Earth and Mars are closest.

In October, Mars has a relatively short length of 62.6 million kilometers from Earth, according to NASA.

The “hope” will reach Mars orbit by February 2021, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the unity of the UAE, the union of the seven emirates.

Martian year of orbit

Unlike the other two Mars expeditions planned for this year, it will not land on the Red Planet, but will orbit it for the full year of Mars or 687 days.

While the goal of the Mars mission is to provide a complete picture of the dynamics of time in the Red Planet’s atmosphere, the probe is the foundation for a much bigger goal – building human settlements on Mars over the next 100 years.

The UAE also wants the project to be a source of inspiration for Arab youth in a region. Because youth has been rocked too often by sectarian conflicts and economic crises.

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