Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Indians are still not allowed to enter in UAE: Civil Aviation Authority

During the pandemic, the seven Emirates of the UAE set some of their own Covid-19 policies.

In a notification to flight crews, the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) cited a document dated June 21. It stated that entry from 13 countries including Pakistan still banned due to the coronavirus pandemic. It also stated an entry ban on those who had visited India, Nigeria and South Africa in the past 14 days.

Some individuals, such as UAE citizens and diplomats have exempted from the entry ban.

Moreover, UAE residents in India and South Africa who have fully vaccinated against coronavirus will allow entry to their country. Anyone fully vaccinated must have a negative coronavirus test within the last 48 hours.

A business and tourist hub Dubai is the most populous of the seven emirates of the UAE. During the pandemic, the seven Emirates of the UAE set some of their own Covid-19 policies.

GCAA said that travelers from India are still ban from entering the UAE but delayed further comment to the Dubai government. The Dubai office did not immediately respond to an email request for comment. Dubai has a plan to ease entry restrictions from these countries.

Despite Civil Aviation ban, Dubai opened its borders to foreign visitors in July 2020, while Abu Dhabi demanded arrivals from most of the quarantined countries.

Indians are one of the largest residential communities in the United Arab Emirates and the largest market for tourism resources. The nationwide travel ban from India began in April as India faced a spike in coronavirus infections.

Emirates Airlines said on Twitter that flights from India will be available from July 7 but also warned that this can change. We are waiting for the right minutes and travel advice before we can start again.

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