Saturday, December 2, 2023

Two Mayo staffers covid test positive after first vaccine shot

Two health workers become covid test positive after vaccination, raising doubts about re-exposure of the large number of people being vaccinated in Punjab.

A Mayo Hospital health worker and his wife, a nurse from the facility, among seven employees who recently administered the China Sinopharm vaccine as part of the government’s intention to vaccinate health professionals.

The couple received their first injection on February 4 and tested positive for Covid-19 three weeks later.

However, a senior health official suggested a sample of vaccinated health professionals. Health officials must immediately produce data and reports for the analysis of the coronavirus vaccine to avoid confusion, he added.

Senior official suggests random sampling of the vaccinated

“We among the first seven employees of the Mayo Hospital Lahore finalized for the vaccination,” Mr. Bhatti told.

“I’m also a supervisor and designated to look after treatment protocols for Covid-19 patients,” he said. Adding that “he had also appointed to replace the bodies of the victims of the virus”.

“As I planned to get my second dose of the vaccine on Feb 25, I felt temperature and the doctors who examined me suggested I take a Covid-19 test because of the typical symptoms,” he said, adding that the report was released in February. The 28th turned out to be positive.

Bhatti said his wife, Ismat, also got a covid test positive on the same day. “My wife’s condition had got serious two days ago and she was shifted to the emergency ward of the Mayo Hospital where she remained under treatment,” he added. The couple has isolated at home and has contacted by doctors.

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Health and medical experts expressed concern about the situation. Saying the couple infected with the virus three weeks after receiving their first dose of the vaccine. This is the period during which immunity can develop.

A senior doctor believes there are conflicting reports about the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine. Some records offer 75% immunity and others 95% immunity. But the exact duration of this immunity not known.

He said some international researchers believed the first dose was not enough to develop immunity, while others said it should work at least three weeks later.

The Department of Primary and Secondary Health said antibodies began to develop at least 14 days after the first dose of the vaccine. A spokesperson said people should follow all protocols even after receiving the vaccine.

He said the Sinopharm vaccine was the best cure for the infection. In the first phase, the government vaccinated more than 62 health workers and specialists across the province. In the next phase, people aged 60 years and over will vaccinated.

Meanwhile, 13 other patients have died with the virus and 705 have tested positive in Punjab in the past 24 hours. 393 of them belong to Lahore.

“The total number of confirmed cases in Punjab has reached 172,054”.

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