Sunday, March 26, 2023

Twitter will soon verify company accounts

Musk said that the company is working on a new way to verify user accounts, just days after a paid verification concept Twitter Blue is first did release. Verify company accounts process is a mess ever since Elon Musk did buy Twitter.

In a post, he did make it on Sunday afternoon. He said that Twitter became working on a feature that would let businesses see if other accounts are always connected to their own.

Even though there is no background information, it is clear that this tweet is a response to Twitter’s recent problems. As soon as Musk did announce the $8 Twitter Blue verification. Trolls did start pretending to become famous people or brands in exchange for $8.

The stock of pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly fell by 4.37 percent on Friday after a “verified” account from the company tweeted that insulin will become free for everyone. Because of these troll accounts, the market value of the company did drop by about $15 billion. The company did use it to apologize.

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Musk’s latest statement shows that he did realize that a social media platform needs moderation to work and that an $8 verification system is not the way to do this. In response to a user who did ask if only certain people are really able to use the new feature. He said, “In the end, I think Twitter must act as the final judge, but I’m open to suggestions.”

Musk is well-known for his support of the right to speak freely. In a recent TED talk, he said that Twitter should let people say what they want with little interference. Unfortunately, this strategy makes advertisers leave, and since then, Twitter is already losing money.

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