Monday, December 11, 2023

Twitter will soon Launch ‘Undo Tweets’ Feature for sent Tweets

The Twitter microblogging platform is planning important changes, including the introduction of paid Twitter subscriptions for users. Users who opt for a paid Twitter subscription get an exclusive set of features that are not accessible to regular Twitter users, according to the latest media reports. Among its paid user specifications, the company could introduce a function to cancel tweets.

After security researchers posted information about the undo feature, Twitter admitted that it try to launch the undo tweet feature for certain user groups.

Reverse engineer Yang Manchun Wong wrote on Twitter that there is a feature to cancel the tweet that appears on the subscription view. This will allow subscribers to cancel the current tweet.

This is not the same as the current tweet deletion, which completely removes certain tweets from view for all Twitter subscribers.

How will Undo Tweet Feature work?

According to media reports, the ability to fix tweets is fundamentally different from choosing which tweets to delete. The ability to freeze tweets comes with a technique that doesn’t allow tweets to be published until a certain amount of time has passed.

On the other hand, tweets that can be selected for deletion try to reduce the damage caused by deletions. So that more subscribers cannot reach them if they are currently open to the world.

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With the “Cancel Tweet” option, subscribers receive a special progress bar. The subscribers can use to retract their tweets in less time.

Despite a lot of talk in media reports about the new feature, it’s still unclear what fees Twitter charges its users who opt for paid subscriptions.

It’s also unclear what additional specifications the company will roll out to its paying customers. Other features discussed in media reports are community walls and Super Follow.

The former can introduce by Twitter via Facebook. So users with similar interests and inclinations can access the action on the community wall. The outline of the Super Follow feature isn’t clear yet. But it looks like Twitter allows users to pay for exclusive information on their feed.

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Introducing the undo tweet feature could help annoying people post tweets with typos. However, it’s not the thing that allows modification. Which Twitter subscribers have interested in for a while, but haven’t become one of their top priorities yet.

In addition to the cancellation function, Twitter has considered introducing a new fashion trend similar to Super Follows. So users can receive a monthly subscription price from their followers to send them unique content or newsletters.

The company showed plans for a subscription model in a tweet addressed to its buyer earlier this month.

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