Monday, April 15, 2024

Twitter will now let you tweet photos, videos, and GIFs

The biggest social media site now lets users include more videos, photos, and GIFs in a single tweet, which opens up a lot of ways to express themselves creatively.

The feature was first found by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi in April. Now does add to both the Android and iOS versions of the app. Which suggests that Twitter is already working on it for a while. In July, the company said that it is creating content for multiple media platforms.

The user can make combinations by clicking on the “photos, videos, and GIFs” icon in the “tweet composer” and choosing the desired media. Depending on how many photos or videos you pick, they will appear in a grid or next to each other. You can only include a maximum of four things in a single tweet. See how it looks by looking at the tweet below.

It’s not clear if this will also apply to tweets somewhere else. When websites insert tweets on their pages, they sometimes only show one of the tweet’s attachments. It seems to be happening on Slack and similar apps, too.

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Even though the Elon Musk acquisition fiasco is still going on, it’s good to see that Twitter is actively working on and adding new features. The transaction is already done talk about for months. Musk’s initial offer to buy Twitter for $44 billion is first accepted by the company. Even though the number of spam and fake accounts on Twitter is a big part of how much the company is worth, Musk decided to back out of the agreement.

So, Twitter sued the billionaire for breaking the agreement. Musk’s latest offer to buy Twitter is first accepted by the social network’s shareholders.

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