Friday, December 1, 2023

Twitter Will Now Auto-Caption Videos

Not everyone takes pleasure in having good hearing. When it comes to watching videos, some of us are born with hearing impairments. While others may have experienced challenges that resulted in the loss of hearing. This makes it difficult since we are unable to understand what has said in the video. And now Twitter will auto-caption videos.

In order to accommodate users who are deaf or hard of hearing, closed captions have developed, which provide them with an alternative method of viewing videos. After all of this has said and done, their is good news for Twitter users. And the good news is that the Twitter has finally agreed to include auto caption functionality. Essentially, this implies that any films published to the platform will have captions automatically added to them.

According to Twitter, this functionality will have made available worldwide and will support “most languages,”. So your mileage may vary based on your language’s support, but hopefully it will have covered. Keep in mind, though, automated captioning will only be available for new videos that have published to Twitter’s platform. This means that older videos will not be able to take advantage of this functionality. It is a bit of a disappointment.

A further drawback is that there does not appear to be a means for people to report captioning that they believe is incorrect or erroneous. But maybe this will change in the near future. Captions are primarily intended to be used for accessibility purposes. But they can also be beneficial if you want to watch a video but do not want the sound to play.

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