Monday, December 11, 2023

Twitter will allow the users to use Hardware Security keys to make Logins more Secure

To add an extra layer of security, the microblogging website Twitter announced that users can use hardware security keys as the only method of authentication. The company also announced that users can also log in to get multiple hardware security login keys.

With Twitter, users can now enable two-factor authentication for secure logins. Users can use a security key to log in to their accounts. They must first provide a 2FA method such as an SMS code.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is one of the most secure methods of protecting private email or other digital platforms.

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Recently, many online service providers have offered important security options, which are an additional tough barrier against cybercriminals.

How Hardware Security key can be helpful

Hardware keys use cryptography to verify user identity and login page URLs. These keys are helpful to protect against joint attacks from bots or other cyber criminals, and to illegally hack accounts on digital platforms.

Twitter Hardware security feature will make the users accounts more secure and safe from the attacks.

Many companies believe that hardware security keys are more secure than traditional authentication processes. In addition, the use of hardware keys frees users from entering codes or OTPs. This makes the hacking process more difficult.

Last week, Twitter launched a clubhouse-like service called Spaces for Android and iOS smartphone users. In addition to real-time audio calls, Spaces also offers reaction emoticons.

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The ability to share tweets, early versions of auto-captions, and more. Also, note that Spaces are public and appear in the Fleet line at the top of the user’s history following someone who created them.

However, if the user has linked the account to a hardware security key, it will be nearly impossible to open it even if the hacker has the user ID and password.

On the bank’s website, the user will be asked to connect a hardware (wired / wireless) key to the computer or mobile. This key will be used to log into the authentication account.

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