Monday, May 29, 2023

Twitter users criticize the PDE for enforcing a clothing restriction on teachers

The Federal Department of Education condemned the new dress code that prevents women instructors from wearing jeans and tights and women from wearing jeans and tee-shirts.

The Ministry requested the appropriate officials to ensure the application of the dress code, according to a notice published on Monday.

However, it was allowed to wear scarves for the instructors who observed hijab.

The letter also specified that women instructors may wear sandals and sneakers, but slippers were not allowed to wear.

The department’s new clothing code permits masculine professors to wear sweater and coat, while avoiding heated coats.

A social media user criticized his choice and wrote that it is all except education that is the goal.

Another user stated that the imposing limitations on T-Shirt instructors is tyranny, because in hot weather they must operate in highly dangerous conditions.

A social media commenter remarked, “Government determined quality and morality would have no limit.” Slamming the choice.

Earlier, Dr Mohammad Younis Warraich, Bahawal Victoria Hospital Medical Superintendent, issued an administrative order relating to women’s dress code. On Twitter, the new arrangement split social media users.

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