Thursday, April 18, 2024

Twitter Update: Remove your followers without blocking them

Following a successful beta test last month, Twitter is now rolling out a feature to all web users that will allow them to remove followers without barring them from the service. If you want to avoid the repercussions of blocking someone, you can use this safety feature to let them know they’ve been blocked if they visit your profile after you’ve done so. As an alternative, users may prefer to deactivate a following rather than completely prevent someone from viewing their tweets.

The prohibited person may discover that they are no longer following you, for all we know. Perhaps they made a mistake and accidentally pressed the unfollow button! Hard blocks do not provide the same level of plausible deniability as a plausible denial.

Since the beginning of Twitter, users have been able to create this “soft block” by quickly banning. And unblocking a following, which removes them from your list of followers. Twitter, on the other hand, is making this a stand-alone function.

According to the photographs in the September tweet announcing the test. You must manually navigate through your follower list. And discover the person on twitter you want to remove before you can have them remove from your followers list, according to the images. However, you can now unfollow someone by visiting their profile, clicking the three-dot icon. And selecting the “Remove this follower” option from the drop-down menu. This makes the tool significantly more usable for those who are extremely well-known on Twitter.

Apart from the loss of followers, Twitter also announced a test of a feature that would allow users to swipe on their timeline between two separate feeds. One feed that has sorted by Twitter’s algorithm and another feed that has sorted by date of posting.

Feeds on Twitter

Users can already move between these two feeds on Twitter. But the trial is taking place at a time when content algorithms have scrutinized more closely. While testifying before the Senate last week, Frances Haugen, a whistleblower who worked for Facebook, stated that she believes ranking content chronologically can help limit the spread of toxicity, misinformation. And also violent content on the social media platform. Which uses an algorithm that promotes content that is more likely to elicit a response. In the past, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey expressed support for the ability of users to choose from a variety of algorithms to arrange the material they view on the platform.

Twitter has been testing and releasing an astounding number of new features in recent months. Everything Twitter tests does not become part of the company’s permanent infrastructure. But it was once a reliable indicator of the company’s priorities. Twitter, on the other hand, has lately revealed that its strategy will incorporate significantly more experimentation than in the past. In other words, it’s more willing to abandon initiatives and features that aren’t working something. It’s already done with the Stories feature, which is known as Fleets.

“You won’t see us clinging to the things that aren’t working,” Kayvon Beykpour, Twitter’s Head of Consumer Product, said last month. As the company announced yet another major round of new features and functionality. He stated, “We believe that if we don’t slow things down every now and then, we aren’t placing substantial enough bets”.

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