Thursday, February 22, 2024

Twitter Tests Bigger Picture Preview Feature in Timeline

Twitter is exploring ways to make an immersive visual experience with its latest test that takes tweets from one end to the opposite within the iOS app. Twitter tests the full width image preview and video in the timeline and make improvement in Photo Preview before releasing two month later.

Full-width images and videos follow the direction the company has been interested in recently. Twitter introduced larger images with improved cropping controls for its mobile app earlier this year, much to the delight of many photographers and other visual artists that the social network has suddenly become a much more welcoming platform for sharing their work.

Image credit: Twitter

In March Twitter tested large image preview feature and make improvement in Photo Preview before releasing two month later. In the current test, the tweet filled the entire frame from left to right instead of shifting a considerable distance from the left. The changes end in much larger images and videos that look better within the feed, and a cleaner, modern design that does not need to distort the tweet to the right of the profile photo.

In testing the feature, Twitter wants to encourage users to possess conversations in photos and videos instead of just that specialize in text because the platform has traditionally done. While the result may seem like a win to us, any change in Twitter’s design is likely to inspire some users to hate tweeting about it for about a day before completely forgetting the change.

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