Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Twitter Finally Rolls Out Voice Messages in India

In today’s official tweet, the social media platform Twitter announced that Twitter Rolls Out Voice Messages in all over India.

According to the tweet, starting today multiple users can send voice messages to DMs such as Instagram and Facebook. Updates sent gradually. This means that it will reach everyone until the company completes the testing. Once users get the update, they can chat on DMs and start recording aloud.

In the chat there is a small “language symbol” at the bottom next to the “Text editor” tab. When you click on it, recording will start. However, the platform currently only sets a limit of 140 seconds for voicemail. After the voice is recorded, the user can send or cancel the voice memo.

While the process is similar for Android and iOS users, iOS users can record voice by long pressing the voice button to record, dragging upwards, and playing it to send a message.

Desktop users can listen to messages but not record them. This will be interesting thing that Twitter rolls out voice messages in India.

The update is currently being distributed to users in India, Brazil and Japan, but will roll out to other countries in the future.

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