Thursday, March 23, 2023

Twitter now allows users to edit tweets

Twitter is already testing a way to edit tweets within the app for almost a month. This feature is now available, but there are some restrictions at first.

First of all, only Twitter Blue subscribers can use this edit tweets feature. These are known when the feature did appear as a tease, but Twitter has now confirmed that it is only available to people in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Coming soon to the United States. Right now, we don’t know if it will come out in other countries.

You’ll have 30 minutes after sending a tweet to go back and change something. Like other social media apps, if a tweet already does change, a small pen icon will appear next to it. Here, you can see how it works.

You can see who made changes and what they did make to any tweet you edit. Twitter is still behind other social media sites for a long time, and the edit button is a long time coming. But it’s better to do it now than never.

No indication yet indicates if the feature is always available to free users. It will serve as a bonus for subscribers at first, but soon it will available to everyone.

Videos in a Vertical Format

As a response to the short films on TikTok and Instagram Reels, Twitter has just added support for vertical videos. The format is the same as that of Reels and mini-movies on YouTube.

You can watch the full videos that you find interesting by tapping on them, and you can keep scrolling to find more. It will suggest more videos for you to watch in the Explore section based on what you usually watch.

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