Friday, September 29, 2023

Twitter is shocked at Andrew’s video with Princess Eugenie

A video of Prince Andrew with Princess Eugenie during Queen Elizabeth’s mourning period shocked Twitter, with users criticizing the disgraced royal for his “unforgivable” behavior.

Twitter user @RosaCatherineK posted a video of the Duke of York looking at the Queen’s memorial flowers on September 11, 2021, days after her death.

In the video, Prince Andrew is seen stooping down to read tributes while his hand looks to graze his daughter Eugenie’s back, a move many called “disgusting” given his ties to convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The video was uploaded with the caption, “Prince Andrew is a predator, and the queen’s support is terrible.” His daughter.

Andrew called Jeffrey Epstein’s behaviour “unbecoming.” “Don’t tell me he has a strong enough moral compass to not do this in public,” the user said.

Another person commented, “Oh god, I’ll be ill,” while another said, “I had reservations until I saw the slow motion.” I don’t ignore ugliness, though. I’ve also incarcerated predators for attacking women, men, and children. Andrew preys.”

One royal fan said, “He’s kneeling down unconscious of where his hand is.” “It’s worse that you focused on it!”

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