Monday, December 4, 2023

Twitter is getting ready to Tip in Bitcoin

Earlier this year, Twitter released a new feature that allows users to tip other users. Instead, it’s a way for users to thank posters for their contributions or show their support. It also offers users the opportunity to generate revenue from their Twitter account. Now it seems that Twitter is introducing a way for users to type via bitcoin.

Back when the Twitter Tip Jar has originally introduced, users could pay for their purchases using Bandcamp and Cash App. They could even pay with Patreon. A coding in Twitter’s newest beta version suggests the company is working on a feature that would allow users to tip in bitcoin on Twitter. It shouldn’t be a surprise, though.

According to the newest code, it appears that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey informed investors that Bitcoin was essential to the firm. And that they will be rolling out the functionality to his Tip Jar in July. Currently, it appears to just be available in beta for iOS. But we expect that it will soon make its way to Android.

It’s not known when it will appear, but the code also indicates that Twitter will provide users with lessons on how to tip in Bitcoin. As well as the Bitcoin Lightning Network and storage and non-custodial wallets.

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