Saturday, September 23, 2023

Twitter took action and banned misleading advertisements about climate change

Twitter has banned the misleading advertisements about climate change. It took action against the ads that are contradict the scientific consensus on climate change.

A Twitter blog stated, “It is our belief that misleading advertisements about climate change should not commercialise. These misrepresentative advertisements should not interfere from vital discussions about the climate problem.”

The UN IPCC will serve as a reference for the corporation in determining what constitutes genuine material. It has defined in the IPCC reports what must be done in order to adapt to climate change.

According to the site, talks around climate change, particularly sustainability have increased by more than 150% last year. Discussions on ‘decarbonization’ attempts to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions via the use of fossil fuels. It has also increased by 50% on the social media platform.

Many firms such as Google have made similar pledges. They are ceasing to allow ads containing climate denial and ceasing to enable the monetization of climate disinformation. However, Google was operating in contravention of its agreements and was displaying advertisements alongside climate-denying information.

Facebook has also criticised for failing to remove content connected to climate disinformation despite having a mechanism in place to report such stuff.

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