Monday, December 11, 2023

Twitter now allows you to sign in with Apple or Google

In the past, the only way to sign up for a Twitter account was to create one directly on Twitter. This is compared to other online services that use features like login with Facebook or Google or Apple to make the signup process quicker and easier. But Twitter decided to change that.
According to previous reports in which Twitter tested the feature, the company has now taken it seriously. This means that if you are new to Twitter and want to sign in or create an account, you can choose whether to use Apple or Google. The former can appeal to those who want a little privacy.

This is because Apple allows users to use Apple’s sign-in feature to mask their email address. This feature essentially creates a discarded email address that forwards email from the service to your actual email. It means that services like Twitter don’t know your real email.

While you will still receive notifications and promotional emails. They will forward from the Apple email account created when you signed up. This is actually a great way to keep your personal information private, or at least as secret as you might expect it to be on the internet.

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