Sunday, October 1, 2023

Twitter Allows Users To Add Warning Labels To Tweets

Twitter has filters and algorithms in place that can detect when tweets and media submitted to its platform may not be acceptable for the general public to read, and they are called out by the company. They then place warning labels on these tweets so that users may get a general idea of what they might be in for if they choose to actually watch the tweet.

According to a recent announcement by the firm, they will be rolling out a new system. The system that would give users greater control over these warning labels. And in that they will be able to add warning labels on their own tweets and media uploads. This does not rule out Twitter taking action on its own. But it does suggest that users exercise caution in advance of Twitter’s own warning system activated.

While not particularly innovative, this is a useful feature that may help users better manage their tweets. Particularly if they have public accounts and have concerned that what they write may viewed by individuals who would not otherwise have wanted to see it. Because this is a test, not all users will be able to take advantage of this option right away. However, if the testing goes well and the feedback is positive. It is likely that Twitter will expand the availability of this tool to more people in the future.

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