Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Twitch bans Amazon account for on-air breast showing

After a presenter appeared to accidently disclose her breast during a live programme, Twitch bans an Amazon Prime Video account. The official Spanish-language Prime Video channel has abruptly shut down by Twitch on Sunday for no apparent reason. However, the event occurred after a piece on the discussion programme Esto es un Late.

Twitch has tight regulations about nakedness on camera. “Please cover up your nipples if you’re a woman. Bare underbusts have not permitted “That’s how it works. Camera emphasis on “breasts, buttocks, or pelvic region” has likewise prohibited.

After an hour-long webcast, one of the Esto es un Late hosts, comedian Henar Alvarez, lowered her shirt partially, joking that it was one way to terminate the marathon show. “We’ll be banned,” she joked. “Please. They’ll prohibit us!”

Just as Ms Alvarez’s breasts faded from view, the stream returned to the live feed. The stream stopped immediately, but the channel has soon blocked from Twitch. Mister Jagger, another co-host, later tweeted that Esto es un Late is the “greatest programme in the world.”

Livestreaming Powerhouse

It’s the first time an Amazon-owned company has been banned from Twitch, according to Kotaku. The suspension of Prime Video Espana is unclear. Moreover twitch doesn’t always make disciplinary actions public, and bans can be short or long. The livestreaming powerhouse also has an appeals process for bans.

A video game streaming site that has evolved into an all-purpose platform, Twitch has experienced issues with sexually explicit content. Critics used to call women who dressed in a suggestive manner “booby streamers.” The “dress code” has revised in 2018.

More recently, the “hot tub meta” – where streamers broadcast in swimwear from an indoor hot tub – raised similar problems. One of the most popular Twitch streamers this year, Amouranth, had her advertising money withdrawn even though she had broken no rules.

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