Wednesday, March 29, 2023

First Turkish film “Ayla” will premiere in Pakistan on February 11

According tp reports, first Turkish film ‘Ayla‘ will premiere in Pakistani from February 11 this month. It seems that Turkish films are now ready to make their mark in Pakistan and film has dubbed exclusively in Urdu.

The movie whill release in Pakistan from the platform of distribution club which provides quality movies to Pakistani fans. It has gained worldwide acclaim. This film will be the first Turkish film in Urdu language to adorn Pakistani cinemas.

Executive Manager of Distribution Club said that film story based on life of a beautiful girl ‘Ayla’ who meets a Turkish soldier on the battlefield. Turkish films have indeed their own standard all over the world.

Turkish films are already the center of attention of audiences around the world for their quality productions and untouched ideas. The film has also caught the attention of the audience due to its emotional story and lively performances of the artists. Moreover, Ayla has issued censorship certificate for screening in Pakistani cinemas.

Furthermore, a promotional campaign for the film has also launched. Turkish film ‘Ayla’ will introduce Turkish cinema to Pakistani audiences. It will be a significant milestone in Pakistan-Turkey relations.

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