Thursday, February 22, 2024

Turkey reviews Pakistani students and employees’ quarantine policy

After the summer holiday, the Turkish Government has loosened the quarantine regulations that apply to Pakistani university students.

The new guidelines enable students to quarantine rather than hotels in their dorms. For 10 days, you must isolate.

Students are quarantined at the KYK Muhte?em Süleyman Dormitory in Istanbul and Tahsin Banguoglu KYK Dormitory in Ankara in higher education credit and hostels institution.

The new rules entered into force on 6 August. The embassy in Ankara in Pakistan said that students will need a legitimate student ID document that shows they’re studying in Turkey.

Pakistani students studying at universities in other provinces besides Istanbul and Ankara can only go to provinces that are registered in their institutions once the quarantine has elapsed.

Holders of permits for work/residence

Persons with valid residency and employment permits from Pakistan are exempt from hotel quarantine and will be permitted to quarantine at their house.

They may only drive to their home by own vehicle and may not utilize domestic or public transportation aircraft.

In specified hotels as before, tourists from Pakistan will be sub-quarantined.

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