Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Turkey is one of the world’s top armed drones producers

In barely 15 years, French newspaper stated that Turkey has become one of the major global makers of armed drones.

Under a story on armed aerial unmanaged drones, the newspaper analysed Turkish Armed Drones (SIHA) in a special title. That title is “A technology in the field of Turkish foreign policy.”

In the spring 2020 fight between the legitimate Libyan government and Warlord General Khalipha-Haftar, two suicide drones, Kargu-2, built by Turkish defence contractor, STM, played a significant part.

Turkish drones have also highlighted as a “indisputable phenomena” in Turkey’s defence sector and their extensive deployment on the field.

“The nation has placed among the major producers in the globe in only 15 years with the intention to compete with the US, Israeli and Chinese models,” Le Monde added.

It also emphasised that Turkey armed drones are effective as well as inexpensive. Such as Kargu, Bayraktar, Anka, Karayel and Alpagu.

It further stated that since 2016, Turkish drones have utilised in international activities. In Libya and in Nagorno-Karabakh, the Turkish drones that are increasingly efficient have shifted their balance of power.”

Turkish drones were acquired by Azerbaijan, Qatar, Ukraine, Tunisia and NATO allies Poland. “There has also been an interest in SIHAs in Latvia, Hungary, Albania and other countries,” Le Monde reported.

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