Sunday, October 1, 2023

Trump launches TRUTH Social to fight the ‘tyranny of Big Tech’

President Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, has revealed plans to start a new social media network, named TRUTH Social.

He declared that the platform would “stand up to the tyranny of big tech,” accusing the industry of stifling dissenting views in the United States of America.

Mr Trump’s campaign for the White House relied heavily on social media, which also served as his preferred mode of contact during his presidency.

But as his fans descended on the United States Capitol, Mr Trump was banned from Twitter and barred from Facebook.

Throughout Mr Trump’s administration, social media companies were under intense pressure to prohibit him, with his messages being criticised as being offensive, inflammatory, or spreading plain falsehoods.

Recently, social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook began to remove some of his messages or mark them as false or misleading, such as one in which he claimed that Covid was “less dangerous” than the flu.

They made the decision to ban or suspend Mr Trump following the riots in January, which occurred after he delivered a speech in which he made unsubstantiated charges of electoral fraud.

After the rioting, Mr Trump hailed those at the Capitol “patriots” and showed no evidence of accepting the outcome of the election, causing Twitter and Facebook to conclude that it was too risky to allow him to continue using their platforms.

Several times since then, he and his aides have intimated that they are considering the creation of a competing social media website.

From the Desk of Donald J Trump, which was sometimes referred to as a blog, debuted earlier this year under his leadership.

The website was shut down permanently less than a month after it was created because it only attracted a fraction of the readership that he would have expected from more established sites, according to the owner.

His senior adviser, Jason Miller, explained that it was “merely an auxiliary to the bigger activities we have and are now working on.”

According to a statement released by Trump Media & Technology Group, an early version of his latest business, TRUTH Social, will be open to invited guests next month and will have a “nationwide rollout” within the first three months of 2022. (TMTG).

However, Mr Trump claimed that “we live in a world where the Taliban has a significant presence on Twitter, yet your favourite American President has been muted.”

“Everyone wants to know why no one is standing up to Big Technology. We’ll be there soon enough! “He went on to say more.

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