Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Australia confirmed its completely troops withdrawal from Afghanistan

Defense Minister of Australia confirmed that the 20-year war with Afghanistan ended with the Australian military withdrawal in few weeks.

Australia announced in April that in line with the US decision to end military operations in country by September. It would remove its remaining troops. Defense Minister said to media that in past weeks, last 80 members of support staff had left Afghanistan.

“We won’t be part of the United States camps. Where we believe this to be in our national interest or in our allies’ interest,” he added. “This campaign, however, has ended for now.

“In the last 20 years Australia has deployed 39,000 troops in billion dollar mission in Afghanistan. 41 Australian soldiers had killed as part of the United States and the NATO-led operations against Taliban and terror groups.

And while in Afghanistan there had no significant soldiers since fighting personnel were withdrawn in late 2013, there had no significant war but controversy at home. The Veterans Groups urged the government to launch a formal survey of Afghan veterans, women and other former servicemen on the high number of suicides.

Military and policing also investigate allegations about the numerous war crimes committed by the elite special air service soldiers in Afghanistan.

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