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Vivo Smart Phone Company

Vivo Ranked among Top 5 Global Smartphone Brands by IDC in 2020

Vivo Ranked according to the latest annual data from IDC, Vivo the world's leading Smartphone brand, ranks at number five in the global Smartphone...
WhatsApp Feature

WhatsApp integrates Biometric Security feature for Web and Desktop Clients

In the course of recent months, WhatsApp has added a plenty of new highlights for its web and work area customers. The most recent...
How to Clean a Laptop LCD Screen

How to Clean a Laptop LCD Screen

The technique for cleaning a laptop LCD screen, whether it's a desktop or a laptop, is controversial! In general, no one recommends using liquids...
clean laptop

How to clean your laptop screen at home (pictures)

This guide will teach you how to clean your laptop screen. Your window to the digital world is critical to your computing experience. But it also has the habit of attracting all sorts of dirt and grime, whether it's food stains like spaghetti-spaghetti sauce that is sprayed on, bacteria and inconspicuous particles.
iPhone 13

iPhone 13 will have more internal storage than the iPhone 12

If you use iPhone professionally or just have a lot of apps, you'll need a lot of storage space - while the iPhone 12 models limit 512GB, some iPhone 13 models can double that to 1 TB.
Sophia the Robot

The humanoid robot “Sofia” went into mass production this year

Hong Kong-based robotics company Hanson Robotics first introduced the humanoid robot Sophia in 2016. Since then, robots have become an internet sensation. He was...

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