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Oppo overtakes Huawei

Oppo overtakes Huawei as Top-Selling Smartphone Market in China for the first time

According to the Counterpoint report ,Oppo overtakes the Huawei as the most selling smartphone company in China for the first time
Google online ads

Google will Stop Targeting online Ads Based on User’s Browsing Activities

Google announces that it will stop targeting online ads based on users browsing data to show the ads on their searching activities.
Apple smart watches

Apple Watch Still the Most Selling Smart Watches in the World

According to Counterpoint, Apple smart watches accounted for 40 percent of all smartwatch sales in the fourth quarter of 2020.
Chrome release cycle

Google will Speed up the Release Cycle of the Chrome Browser to Four Weeks

Google announced that it will speed up the Chrome release cycle to four weeks instead of six weeks after this update to make it more faster.
Myanmar military channels

YouTube Deleted Channels operated by Myanmar Military for Violating Community Guidelines

YouTube deleted Myanmar military channels for Violating its rules and Community Guidelines. YouTube has closed around 20 channels
Trump YouTube account

Former US President Donald Trump YouTube Account will be restored as Risk of Violence...

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said ,Donald Trump YouTube Account will be activated as the risk of Violence decreases. YouTube will see the level of Violence

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