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Inflation in august

Inflation seems to be over 9%

According to a recent study from the Ministry of Finance, inflation may reach 9% as a result of monetary expansion and a surge in international commodity prices, and the current account deficit may continue above $500 million in August.
kpl - Kashmir Premier League

ICC has denied India’s request to ban the Kashmir Premier League

“It is not an international cricket event which is the responsibility of the ICC,” an ICC official stated.
UK travel policy

Pakistan remains on the UK’s red list of countries to visit

On 5 August, the UK government released its revised tour list.

The video duration on TikTok has been increased to three minutes

To remain ahead of competitors, TikTok began allowing users to submit movies up to three minutes long on Thursday, triple the previous limit.
beat up

The teacher beat up at Pir Mahal for correction of the student

In the town of Pir Mahal in Punjab's Toba Tek Singh district, a teacher was allegedly beaten by a relative of a student, police said.
patent infringement

Apple avoids patent infringement of worth $308.5 million

Apple has hit by a patent infringement lawsuit for a digital rights management technology patent. And the companies involved are seeking $308.5 million in compensation.

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