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sugar import in pakistan

Government imports expensive sugar instead of buying cheap from local industries

Iskander Khan, chairman of the Pakistan Sugar Mills Association, expresses regret that the government is importing sugar at a cost of Rs140 per kg, excluding sales tax, in order to sell it at a cost of Rs90 per kg in the local market, but is not willing to purchase the sweetener from the local industry at a cost of Rs104 per kg.

According to Apple all Apps Can Use The iPhone 13’s 120Hz Refresh Rate

As stated in a support post published on Apple website, all apps on the iPhone 13 will be able to take use of the 120Hz refresh rate.
Gmail search filters

Google Introduces new Search Filters in Gmail for Android Users

Google has introduced new features for Android users on the Gmail platform. The tech giant launches new search filters in Gmail to provide accurate results
full self driving beta software

More Tesla customers getting ‘Full Self-Driving’ beta software

Tesla's "Full Self Driving" beta software has now available to more Tesla customers thanks to a request button on their vehicles' dashboard screens.
Airports Economically

PCAA Making Airports Economically Self-Independence

The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has taken a significant step toward achieving economic self-sufficiency for the country's airports as part of the new delinking strategy.
raven attacked google drone

Angry Raven attacked a Google drone delivering coffee

A raven attacked a Google drone that was delivering a package to a caffeine-craving man's house nearly knocking the gadget out of the air and leaving the customer stunned and disoriented.

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