Sunday, August 1, 2021
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    mosque in Faisalabad

    An imam from Faisalabad has been detained for attempting to rape two Girls

    The imam of a mosque in Faisalabad was detained on social media following a video caught him trying to violate two little children.
    Pakistan Steel Mills

    Russia will assist in the modernization of Pakistan’s steel mills

    A Russian group agreed to provide suggestions for a modernisation of Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM). A variety of projects in Karachi, led by Andrey Zubal, were discussed by the Russian team and Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah.
    Gwadar shipyard

    Pakistan is planning to start construction on the Gwadar shipyard

    In the deep sea port of the country, Gwadar, Balochistan Province, Pakistan has finalized the specifics for the construction of a new shipyard.
    tourism sector in KP

    During Eid ul Adha, the tourism sector in KP contributed Rs67 billion to the...

    During the vacations in Eid ul Adha, the province of Naran, Kaghan and Swat visited 2,7 million regions and generated income of Rs67 billion.
    university of sindh

    The first ever ‘technology incubation center’ has been established at the University of Sindh...

    In order to allow students to establish different enterprises and make money rather than wait for employment in the public sector, it was developed the first ever 'Technology Incubation Center' (TIC) (FET).
    ice cream eating

    The most expensive ice cream in the world costs rs132,000

    Has a scoop of ice cream ever thought it may cost more than gold? A café in Dubai has claimed to produce with edible gold the world's most costly ice cream at 3,000 dirhams (Pak rupee 132,790).

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