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covid19 Vaccine

United State’s Moderna vaccine appears to work against Covid-19 variants

Moderna's Covid-19 antibody seems to neutralize new, more irresistible variations of the pandemic infection found in the UK and South Africa, state researchers from the US drug organization.

Scientists are calling for a blockade in the UK following the rapid spread of...

Cases of a new variant of the Covid-19 virus were confirmed on Saturday in several European countries, including Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. They are all related to people who have come from Great Britain.

India arrested 75 people in Kashmir after after the alliance against Modi won

The Indian government arrested at least 75 Kashmiri political leaders and activists to prevent political unrest after a regional union of political parties won local elections in Kashmir, leaders and a police officer said on Saturday.
Hindu Temple

Pakistan has issued visas to 47 Indian Hindu to visit prominent Hindu temples

47 Indian Hindu pilgrims issue visas from Pakistan to visit temples, despite links between the two countries.

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