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aircraft 640 Afghans

US aircraft rescues 640 Afghans from Kabul

With 640 relieved Afghans in the midst of terror and despair at Kabul's international airport, an aircraft of transport from the US Air Force has taken off.
Afghans fall

Three Afghans fall from the skies as the plane departs Kabul

After a plane departing Kabul supposedly lost hold on the exterior of the aircraft, three young guys apparently fell in the middle of the air, terrifying images surface.
Kabul airport crowded

At Kabul Airport, five people killed when the Afghans tried to escape Taliban

At least five individuals were slain on Monday at Kabul Airport as the Afghans ran to leave, as the Taliban strengthened their hold on the nation
Kabul airport crowded

Kabul airport is crowded as Afghans make a last-ditch attempt to leave

American military fired bullets in the air and all commercial flights on Kabul Airport were grounded on Monday as hundreds of Afghanistan swarmed into the tarmac in an attempt to catch a flight after the Taliban takeover.
President Ashraf Ghani

President Ashraf Ghani said, “I decided it would be better to go out”

Ashraf posted a letter on social media to his fellow countrymen saying, "The Taliban made it for me to be removed, all Kabul and the people of Kabul are here for assault. I believed it was better to move out to prevent the blood flood."

China declares its willingness to engage in ‘friendly relations’ with the Taliban

On Monday, after the Taliban gained control of the nation, a state speaker told China that it is ready to expand "friendly and constructive” relations with Afghanistan.

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