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India and China

India and China complete pull-back of forces from Pangong Lake

"India and China have completed a troops withdrawal from the controversial part of the Himalayan border", joint statement from India's Defense Ministry.
Afghans fall

Three Afghans fall from the skies as the plane departs Kabul

After a plane departing Kabul supposedly lost hold on the exterior of the aircraft, three young guys apparently fell in the middle of the air, terrifying images surface.

In favor of young murderer #cameronherrin becomes top trend on Twitter

Cameron Herrin or #cameronherrin a male 21 years old who had convicted in April 2018 of the killing of mother and her daughter.
Russia to hold conference

Russia to hold conference on counter-terrorism this year

Russia to hold conference with all other countries of region. The representatives from Afghanistan, China, Pakistan and Turkey will participate.

Bagram Air Base: US Forces handed over the largest military base to Afghan Forces

A senior US official informed that all US troops have left Bagram Air Base. The main US military airfield is at an hour north of capital Kabul.
Afghan spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid

Taliban supports the rights of women says Spokesperson Zabiullah

Speaker for the Taliban Zabiullah Mujahid stated Tuesday in his first news conference since the rebel group gained control of Kabul, that they are no longer harbouring enmity to anybody, would promote women's rights and free media under Islamic law.

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