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Hareem Shah

Hareem Shah new Romantic Video For Bilawal Bhutto

TikTok star Hareem Shah's new video for the leader of the Pakistan People's Party, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, has gone viral on the internet.
Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga sends a note of aid to Japan

Lady Gaga sent a message of support to Japan on the 10th anniversary of the great earthquake and tsunami.
Dananeer Mobeen

Kareena Kapoor Khan exalted “Pawri Girl” Dananeer Mobeen

It's been over a month since "pawri" started and it doesn't look like it's going to stop for a while.
Sunita and Hassan

Sunita Marshall and Hassan Ahmed tell about their love story

Time Out with Ahsan Khan has the pleasure of hosting Sunita Marshall and Hassan Ahmed. Its fun episode about their marriage, love story, and future.
Amna Ilyas

WATCH: Amna Ilyas Latest Funny Dance Video

Debuting as an actress, Amna Ilyas was already a famous Pakistani model. It seems that her latest Instagram video sparked a social media.
Princess Diana

Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and Prince Louis made cards for Princess Diana

Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and Prince Louis honored their late grandmother, Princess Diana, on Mother's Day by making their cute keepsake cards.

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