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Covid Case

In the previous 24 hours 36 individuals died of Covid-19, 2,140 were positive

Dr Faisal Sultan feels that in a 'closed, limited' setting Eidul Adha should be commemorated.

Covid spiked in India and death toll rose to more than 400,000

A total of nearly 30.5 million Covid cases have reported in India whereas total 400,312 deaths have reported in country due to different variants.

European Union introduced digital COVID vaccine certification system

The European Union has officially introduced a digital certification for Covid vaccination on Thursday. All EU citizens and residents can apply for COVID certification...

Indian Police is investigating fake Covid vaccine jabs scam in various cities

Indian police said that about 2,000 people had injected with a fake vaccine jabs in Mumbai and 500 people got same in Kolkota.
AstraZeneca Vaccine

The WHO will set up the production hub of Covid vaccines in South Africa

The World Health Organization will set up a center in South Africa to train scientists in low- and middle-income countries to create a Covid vaccine.
Coronavirus Vaccine in Pakistan

Coronavirus Update: In a single day, 44 more people die from COVID-19

Pakistan reported 44 coronavirus deaths per day on Friday, for a total of 22,152 deaths in the country.

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