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Live reports and coronavirus news from Pakistan and around the world are available at the Lahore Herald, including the number of reported cases, recovering patients, examinations, and deaths due to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Philippines start vaccinations

Philippines start vaccination against coronavirus

The Philippines start vaccination program against COVID-19 on Monday. Health workers were the first to be vaccinated against in a campaign.
Hamza Shafqaat

DC Islamabad Hamza Shafqat tested positive for COVID19

Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Mohammed Hamza Shafqaat has been tested positive for the covid-19. He tweeted on Sunday.
POC holders

POC holders are ineligible for the Covid vaccine

When the government initiates Covid-19 vaccination for seniors, people with POC holders and Pakistani foreign spouses can't be vaccinated.
Sealed areas of Lahore

Seven more areas of Lahore sealed after increase in Covid-19 cases

According to the statement released Saturday, Punjab's Ministry of Primary and Secondary Health decided to sealed seven more areas of Lahore.

Fear of third Covid wave in Pakistan due to removing restrictions early

With most of restrictions having been relaxed even with the lukewarm reaction of health workers toword vaccination campaign, health experts fear a revival in the number of cases may make government declare a third covid wave in country
no coronavirus cases active in the GB

There are no coronavirus cases in Gilgit Baltistan

There are currently no coronavirus cases active in the GB and all patients have recovered, said Dr. Shah Zaman

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