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meat export from pakistan

Meat Export From Pakistan Hit a Record: 95,991 Tonnes in FY21

Pakistan exported 95,991 tonnes of meat and meat preparations (worth $333 million) in fiscal year 21 – an all-time record amount – compared to 83,749 tonnes ($304 million) in the previous year. Compared to FY20, the average price per ton (APT) remained low at $3,473, down from $3,631 that year.
Attock Refinery limited

Attock Refinery earned Rs 1.068 billion

During the fiscal year that concluded on June 30, 2021, Attock Refinery Limited (ATRL) generated a post-tax income of Rs 1.068 billion.
car loans in pakistan

Car loans hit record high of Rs326b

Car loans increased by 46.8 percent year on year and reached an all-time high of Rs326 billion in August 2021, thanks to low borrowing costs and a low cost of capital.
subsidy for farmers

Tarin Announce Subsidy For Sugar, Flour, And Pulses

On Wednesday, Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin announced a direct cash subsidy on sugar, wheat, ghee, and pulses, which will benefit 12.50 million people in Pakistan, according to the ministry.
Export of sports goods

Export of sports goods increased by 25.63%

The export of sporting goods during the first two months of the fiscal year 2021-22 increased by 25.63 percent when compared to the exports during the same time in the previous year's fiscal year.
fbr tax return date extension

FBR denied about tax return date extension

A spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) refuted rumors of a rumored extension in the filing deadline for tax returns.

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