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karachi green line bus

Karachi Green Line Bus Will be Tested Next Month

The buses that were purchased from China for the Green Line project have been transferred from the Karachi port to the Surjani Bus Terminal.
Property tax

Property tax hike to be withdrawn: Govt

According to a representative of the provincial government, the government has decided to reverse the recent increase in property tax.
imported cars in pakistan

SBP Restricts Financing For Imported Cars

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has been compelled to slow down import growth via adjustments in prudential laws, as well as restrict the financing cap and term, particularly for imported automobiles, as a result of the country's ballooning trade and current account deficits.
Kamyab Pakistan Program

ECC authorises Kamyab Pakistan Program, 40% IPP payment

The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Council of Ministers formally authorized the Kamyab Pakistan Program (KPP), which has five components to develop the low-income and unemployed segments of society.
bitcoin.org hacked

Bitcoin.org hacked by online scammers

Bitcoin.org, the first website dedicated to bitcoin (BTC), was hacked by online scammers and is currently unavailable as of this writing.
fbr new tax law

FBR Forced To Suspend New Tax Law Ordinan

According to a statement issued on Thursday, Ismail Suttar, president of the Employers' Federation of Pakistan, has strongly criticized the unilateral decision of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to change the Tax Laws Ordinance without discussing the relevant stakeholders.

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