Monday, May 29, 2023

Tom Sandoval clarifies Raquel Leviss’ mental health facility stay

  • Tom Sandoval denies rumors that co-star Raquel Leviss checked into a spa instead of a mental health facility.
  • Leviss had checked into a facility in the Grand Canyon State for mental health counseling.
  • Sandoval says that Leviss is doing well despite not having contact with her.

Tom Sandoval, a cast member of the reality show Vanderpump Rules, recently went to a wellness retreat and faced backlash due to his affair with Raquel Leviss, his co-star.

Raquel Leviss was reported to have checked into a mental health facility earlier this month, but Sandoval had to refute rumors that it was a spa.

Tom Sandoval called out Peter Madrigal and Dayna Kathan, his co-stars, for claiming that Leviss was in a “spa,” saying that Leviss was in a mental health facility.

While Sandoval claimed he did not have any contact with Leviss, he said that she was doing well.

Why did Raquel Leviss check into a mental health facility?

Leviss and her family decided that she needed mental health treatment and counseling.

Did Tom Sandoval have contact with Raquel Leviss while she was in the mental health facility?

Sandoval claims he did not have any contact with Leviss during her stay.

What did Tom Sandoval say about the rumors that Leviss checked into a spa?

Sandoval called out his co-stars Peter Madrigal and Dayna Kathan for spreading misinformation and confirmed that Leviss was in a mental health facility.

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