Friday, September 29, 2023

Tom Holland and Zendaya’s recent photo is couple goals

The most recent photo that Tom Holland has taken with his girlfriend Zendaya is currently doing the rounds on social media, and it is giving people relationship objectives to aspire to.

During his vacation in Budapest, Tom, age 26, was seen on camera having a good time on a scooter and the images were published on DailyMail on Saturday. as he whizzed by on a scooter with blue and black stripes, following his co-star love, who was 25, and who was racing ahead.

Tom opted for a laid-back style for the enjoyable excursion in the nation’s capital, choosing a striped black and white shirt, black shorts, and trainers for the occasion.

While Zendaya maintained her composure by wearing a basic white vest top, grey shorts, and black shoes with white socks, she looked effortlessly chic.

The couple, who made their relationship public over the summer of last year, appeared to have not a worry in the world as they explored the European city and took in its sights.

As they took in the sights of the European city, Tom recently disclosed that he will be taking a break from social media because he believes it is “detrimental” to his mental state and that it causes him to “spiral” when he reads things about himself online. This outing took place shortly after Tom made this revelation.

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