Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Tom Felton revealed his secret love for actress Emma Watson in new memoir

Harry Potter‘s star Tom Felton revealed his secret love for co-actress Emma Watson in his new memoir. He writes in his biography about how close the performers were to one another behind the scenes.

With his new book ‘Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard’, Tom Felton spills the beans on his life behind the scenes. The actor discusses a wide range of topics including the difficulties of a life in the public eye, his own mental health issues and much more. However, one bombshell from new memoir of Tom Felton about his co-star and onetime rumored lover Emma Watson is swiftly going viral.

Tom discusses his connection with Emma that how the media portrays them and how he has a soft place for her. Fans are rooting for this pair to be together for years under the alias ‘Dramione’. However, the actor has disclosed that the nature of their friendship is different.

Moreover, Tom also discussed how he and Emma have constantly accused of being an item despite denying any romantic involvement. He also recounted how his ex-girlfriend responded when he denied having romantic feelings for Watson. What he actually stated was “My then-girlfriend had no trouble picking up on the underlying tension between us. Though I did use the tried-and-true cliche. I love her like a sister and there was more to our relationship than that.”

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