Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Tokyo Olympics 2020 ended with stunning closing ceremony in close stadium

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 held in mid 2021 after a year long absence due to coronavirus. It ended on Sunday night in stadium emptied as an often surreal mix for Japan and the world.

The shocking Tokyo Olympics 2020 closing ceremony is optimistic yet ironic notion of the human moment, covering everything from bicycle stunts to elaborate light shows, tries to create a lively and liberating atmosphere for athletes after a busy two weeks.

It focused on live shows from Paris that will host of the 2024 Summer Olympics.

The game poses unbeatable logistical and medical barriers, offers serious mental health conversations. Athletes have achieved some surprising wins and losses in the sport.

From the start, expectations are at best average. Even President of the International Olympic Committee, said he has worried it could become a Soulless Olympics. But he said, “what we see here is very different.”

“You are faster, you go higher, you are stronger because we all stand together in solidarity,” told Olympic participants. “That’s even more remarkable considering the many challenges you face as a result of the pandemic. In these difficult times, you are giving the world the most precious hope.

It marked a quiet end to the extraordinary Olympics, which had played mostly in empty spaces and only athletes, team members and media attended.

Shortly after Tokyo extinguished the Olympic flames, colorful fireworks lit up the night sky around the Olympic Stadium, where athletes were already heading for the exits.

When the Olympic flag was handed over to Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo for the 2024 Olympics, crowds could be seen in the French capital.

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