Wednesday, March 22, 2023

To keep the gas market afloat, departments destroy the economy: Ghiyas Paracha

Some departments are harming the economy to keep their stranglehold on the ailing gas market, according to Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha, Group Leader of the All-Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA).

The statement alleged that these agencies’ desires are costing billions in production and exports, and hundreds of thousands of jobs.

According to Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha, these elements produce a gas problem every winter and now every summer.

He said that gas shortages and poor import management cost the government billions.

Despite the government’s desire to liberalise the gas market, some groups are preventing private imports. Same issues, says Ghiyas Paracha, preventing new terminals, expansion of existing terminals, and the much-needed gas pipeline.

Despite the fact that the gas bureaucracy has failed to deliver LNG on time or within budget. Gas supply to the CNG industry, which pays the highest price, has been halted due to gas sector mismanagement, he claimed.

In the gas business, there is widespread mismanagement, he says. Due to inadequate planning by officials, Pakistan bought the most expensive LNG cargoes, which was passed on to the public.

A random summary is not allowed to be adopted, harming the energy sector. Ghiyas Paracha criticised many ministers for the gas crisis and asked the PM to intervene.

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