Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Tinder users can now add videos to their dating profiles and find matches based on common interests

Tinder has also introduced hot capture, where users can talk to each other before matching.

Tinder is getting new features like Profile Videos, Explore Tabs, and Hot Captures. According to the dating platform, Tinder’s new features “lay the foundation for a deeper, richer next generation of Tinder.” The dating platform allows users to add videos to their accounts.

On top of that, Tinder is also adding hot take, a social experience that allows users to talk to someone before they fit together.

Lastly, the dating app has also added an Explore tab which allows users to find people based on similar interests.

Jim Lanzone, CEO of Tinder, commented on the new features, “After COVID the new generation of data providers wants us to do more in the world. More possibilities to demonstrate genuineness, to have more fun, and to engage in real life. And greater control over who and how Tinder meets.” And more control.

In addition to photographs that the user may now submit, Tinder allows users to add videos to their profils. “Video is a new method to convey their true history and shows Tinder’s growth into a multi-dimensional experience which represents what it will be like in 2021, according to the business.” Tinder says that Gen Z accounts for more than 50% of its client base.

Additionally, Tinder now allows users to chat with each other before matching. Their new Hot Takes feature on the dating platform. This new feature will also have a timer and users will have to make a decision before it expires.

Hot take is available daily from 06:00 pm to 12:00 am (midnight). This feature is based on Swipe Night, which first took place on September 12, when users participated in shared storylines.

Tinder has also added a new Explore section that allows users to find new people based on common interests. For example, if consumers are interested in Travelling or Cooking, they can find people interested in Traveling or Cooking.

Tinder has also announced that hot captures and other in-app events will be integrating into the Explore tab in the coming weeks after launch. Apart from Explore which will be releasing soon, other new features have also been released for users.

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